Last day of work! -JP

Another emotional day, and another change of perspective..  I had to fight back the tears when the worker talk to us today (didn't want to let that happen in front of the "work crew"!!)  My thoughts on this project have been constantly changing since we got here and today, it seemed as if it all came together in my head.  Two weeks ago I was telling Mikey that I would probably not come on the next trip.  As much as I would love to, I thought it would be way better for the project if Mikey came alone next time.  Raising money has been such a struggle, I decided that instead of spending 3000$ to get myself here, I would just give it to Mikey to spend on materials and local workers.  I was convinced it would be more efficient thus better.  After experiencing the effect that the workers had on us -vice versa, I realize that this was not only about putting a building together.  I'll be back next year.