Last day of work! -Mikey

Well thats it! Today was our last day of work and it is also our last day in Meru.

It is hard to believe what we have completed. JP and I were talking about our accomplishments as we looked at pictures from today and have to say it is a rad feeling realizing what we built from nothing. Not only did we start with a plain piece of land, but we started with only an idea and look what it has turned into! There was a mix of emotions throughout the day.  There was relief of being done with the work, joy from being part of something wonderful, and sadness knowing that the trip is coming to an end.  Our relationships with co-workers have really grown. They had Janine, JP and I plant trees so they could remember us. It was a touching goodbye ceremony and pretty funny as JP and Janine's trees were young sprouting energetic little guys while mine was this tiny little stick with one leaf, kind of reminded me of the Charlie Brown christmas tree.

We were unsure of how the goodbye was going to be, in fact we were a bit skeptical as to how it would go. But as they thanked us and told us we worked harder than any other Mzungus (white boys), in fact proved them wrong in their idea that Mzungus cannot work hard. They let us know we were brothers as we had sweat and bled together. Reflecting back on it, it makes me a bit sad to leave because I realize how much we had all bonded. I really hope we are able to give them more work, and hopefully we will be able to come back and work with them once again. Those guys certtainly work hard, as everything is done with man power and as they reminded us constantly, with no machines, especially when they are only making about $3 a day. These guys have taught me a lot and I truly am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them and I hope I have influenced them as much as they have influenced me!