Ready for work.

Michele, Mikey's mom, has been involved with Karambu and International Peace Initiatives for a while now.  They are both in Meru at the moment and helping us with accounting as well as finding the materials we need, hiring workers etc. Today, Michele met with the the local construction company's supervisor to come up with a game plan that suits our budget.  Our original plan was to complete both the kitchen and the dinning room of the community home as well as furnishing both sections.  So far, we haven't raised enough money to reach all our goals but we do have enough to complete the kitchen, so we decided to start with that for now and see how many more donations we can get before taking on the dining room.  If we don't have enough money to build it, we will put the left over funds towards furnishing the home.  The main part of the building including the rooms, showers and bathrooms is being taken care of by a british construction company named Skansen