Pretty much ready to go

Well, I'm pretty much ready to go my last vaccination (out of 6) and my tuberculosis test out of the way.  All that's left to do is pack my bags, go pick up some clothes at Oakley (they agreed to give me as many samples as I could fit into my bag!) and Mikey and I will be on our way.  Everyone has been asking me if I'm nervous because the departure date is coming quickly..  For the most part, I've been too busy getting ready for the trip, working on the website and trying to raise money to be getting nervous.  But every now and then, I take a step back and think about the journey we are about to embark on and it does make me feel a bit anxious.  I have very little idea of what to expect about how things are going to be in Meru, how I will feel once I get there, how many hurtles we'll have to overcome to accomplish our goals, how the community over there will affect me and how I will affect them.