First, I would like to thank Iannick for all the efforts he made to get this website online. All the late nights and weekends he put in are greatly appreciated. I also what to thank Jeff and Janine for their help with the editorial content.

This very website is the proof that together, we can achieve whatever we set out to do. A few months ago, all of this was only ideas shared between a few friends. At first, we were just talking about going to Africa to help out IPI for a few weeks. As we were talking about raising money and getting organized for the trip, we all felt like what we were doing should go beyond the Kenya trip. Ever since we decided to launch Alpine Initiatives, everyone we've come across has been encouraging and more then happy to get involved and contribute. It's been truly amazing to see the desired people have to help others. This project has already given back to us in different ways, wether it's reconnecting with friends or learning new things. We can only hope that everyone who gets involved along the way will also feel like they got something out of it.

Helping out with the Animi Community Home with IPI will be the first of many projects to come. With this journal you will be able to follow us through our journey.

Thank you.