• Sustainability News 2: The Plague of ‘Fast Fashion’

    The fashion industry takes a huge – and largely unacknowledged – toll on the environment as well as the one in six human beings around the globe whose work keeps the nearly $3 trillion per year fashion industry going each day. The industry has changed drastically over the past few decades, bringing about detrimental practices rooted in the prioritization of...

  • How Adventuring Affects the Environment

    As much as we love adventuring, we don’t always realize that while practicing our favorite sport, we might also be threatening our playground. Pretty much every outdoor activity damages the environment in one way or another: rock climbing, skiing, hiking, skydiving…you name it. There are a few common negative ways in which all of these activities affect the environment. Natural...

  • Offshore Wind Farms - An Alternative Energy Source

    Originally slated for Montuak or Cape Cod, America’s first offshore wind farm has gone up off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. In the next few weeks, these five turbines will be placed in service, creating enough electricity to power 17,000 homes. And, they’re our first step toward generating our own offshore wind power. America’s wind farm efforts have...

  • New Initiative - A Boost to Solar

    There’s much to keep an eye on in the realm of solar energy right now – and for those with a stake in the outdoor recreation industry, be it commercial or sentimental, some especially exciting developments are on the forefront. Thanks to a collaboration between multiple U.S. government departments, led by the Obama administration, solar power is about to be...

  • First Chair Festival

    If orange leaves and snowcapped mountains didn’t already have your ski gear out of the closet, then premier season has you in your full kit walking around the house…and possibly skiing off your shed roof into a pile of leaves. That’s what these films evoke in us.  What would skiing be without film? Premier season is a tradition that started...

  • 10 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Daily Life

    Making your daily life more eco-friendly and sustainable is a big mission, but it does not have to be a burden. There are so many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment surrounding you. If some steps ask for big sacrifices, others will simply require some basic changes of your lifestyle habits. Be reassured, none of...

  • Rig To Flip

    Rig To Flip uses the power of film to inspire and engage young people in conservation issues across the Colorado River Basin. Rig To Flip, a term that comes from whitewater rafting meaning that at times even the best laid plans can fail. For the people who depend on the water from the in this region, the term takes on another...

  • Rail Jam in the Snow Centre London

    Carbondale, CO May 13, 2016 - Alpine Initiatives together with Armada Skis are excited to announce a rail jam event in London on Friday May 27th. The rail jam event will be open to the public and hold a variety of activities with all proceeds going to Alpine Initiatives. The rail jam is presented jointly by Armada, Oakley, Tall T...

  • Protect Public Land

    Since the creation of the first national park in 1872, leaps and bounds have been made in regards to the protection of public land in the US. There are currently 59 protected national parks and hundreds of thousands of acres of public land that encompass most of those truly special places that inspire us. The American public owns national parks,...

  • A Quality Product with a Sustainable Mindset

    In the heart of the San Juan Mountains lies the small town of Pagosa Springs, CO. Once a small community, known as a place to gas up after trekking over Wolf Creek Pass, it is now a fast growing community that has much more to offer. Within 30 minutes of town, Wolf Creek Ski Area is one of the premiere...

  • Grassroots Grants: Mountain Playground Group Update

    In 2015, Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) won an Alpine Initiatives Grassroots Grant, which enabled them to develop their latest program, the Mountain Playground Group (MPG). Community and independent ski areas are closing at an alarming rate, with over 30% closing since the 1980’s and many more at risk. The closing of winter recreational facilities have a devastating effect on local...

  • Questions Extreme Sports Communities Find Themselves Asking

    We choose to participate in things that scare the bajeezus out of us, we’re just weird that way. Activities like these are what create the communities we attach ourselves to and grow from. Our passions are molded through them and the athletes who shape these sports become our inspiration, heroes, and legends. But at what risk?
  • Remembering a Legend at iF3

    iF3 is a highlight of the year for the snowsports community - it celebrates the accomplishments of filmmakers and athletes in freeskiing, sets the tone for the upcoming season, and this year it celebrated the legacy of JP Auclair.
  • Honor, Love & Gratitude | We Love You JP

    JP's love of the mountains blossomed into a deep consciousness for the earth and moved him to do his part in preserving her beauty. He was genuine in his encounters with others and deeply appreciated those who helped him along the way, and in doing so touched many during his life.
  • 2015 Grass Roots Grants Applications Open

    Calling environmental, sustainability, community and arts based non-profits! It’s that time of year again, and we are excited to kick off our 2015 Grass Roots Grants cycle!
  • The Armada AI JJ Evolution

    The qualities of the AI JJ have come to represent the qualities that JP was known for. So, when you’re ripping big lines, or jibbing around your local resort, you’ll be embracing the legacy of JP Auclair with every turn.
  • Giving Old Skis New Life

    Its that time of year again when gear fever seems to consume us while we impatiently wait for the snow to cover the ground and the ski lifts to start turning. There’s no question that purchasing new gear gets you fired up, but that sometimes leave us ignorant to the fact that our old skis don’t just disappear into thin air.
  • The Kiamani Movement

    The Kiamani MVMT (“Movement”) is a group who worked passionately to make JP’s vision a reality: to make lip balm to create a new model of sustainable entrepreneurial activity in rural communities that is fundamentally based in local knowledge and leadership.
  • Throwback: JP's Very Own Salomon Teneighty Ski

    This week, in honor of the first annual JP memorial competition, we are celebrating JP and how he pioneered the free ski industry by auctioning off his very own original Salomon Teneighty setup for your chance to have a piece of skiing history. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Auclair Fund in support of JP’s family.
  • Celebrate the Planet for Earth Week 2015

    This year for Earth Day, the AI community is feeling celebratory, so we came up with some (fairly easy) ways to celebrate the planet this week!